Upcoming Conferences/Trainings

La Maestra Loca likes to stay busy. REALLY busy. Here is a list of upcoming conferences or training opportunities where she will be presenting, mentoring, or coaching.

Upcoming Conferences:

ACTFL– November 17-19th- Nashville, TN (I will be there! Not presenting but flitting around and hanging out with Señor Wooly!)

CI in the Mitten – April 21, Saline, MI

Previous Conferences:

LFLTA 2017– January, 2017- Lafayette, LA – Presenting on Movie Talks and Brain Breaks.

CCFLT 2017– February, 2017- Loveland, CO – Presenting on Brain Bursts and Output in a CI Classroom

IGNITE: Native Language Teacher’s Conference- June, 2017 Cherokee Nation- Tahlequah, Oklahoma– Teacher Coach, Language classroom teacher, and Presenter

No Plan Lesson Planning – 2 day workshop! – June 26th and 27th (before Cascadia)- Portland, OR : Join me in my pre-conference workshop and learn the different ways I have developed teaching with non-targeted CI. Learn how to be a pretzel and adapt to the wants, needs, and curiosities of all of your different student populations! I promise you will be entertained (that is a guarantee!) and you will walk away with countless ideas of how to implement AWESOME, un-targeted, compelling, comprehensible input in your classroom! You will cut your planning time in half! At least! Come have fun with me! YAY!

Comprehensible Cascadia– June, 2017- Portland, OR – Presenting on Brain Breaks Classroom Management and using OWL strategies for output in a CI classroom

iFLT 2017 – July, 2017 – Denver, CO – Learning Lab Teacher (Elementary Spanish) and Presenter

LIVE Webinar- July 26, 2017 – FLUENCY MATTERS–  5 keys to a successful CI classroom

Express Fluency 2017 – August, 2017- Brattleboro, VT – Language Class Leader and Teacher Coach

CI Maine- October, 2017– Lewiston, Maine- Teacher Coach and Presenter